Man Meets Bear, “Northern Lights”

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man meets bear

With a new release out on Mouca Records, Man Meets Bear is showing that many sides of a coin can be viewed all at once. The record, the dreamy Buffalo Comets, is available for stream on Mouca's Bandcamp and one single has us bowing our heads and lowering our heart rates, as we imagine looking up at a star-streaked sky. “Northern Lights” is rife with terrestrial tones and soothing moments of release, especially in its easy entrance, and the mix of gentle vocals and rhythmic drums is proof that there is beauty in looking above, eyes closed. It's no surprise that Alex Zhang Hungthai of Dirty Beaches said of Man Meets Bear, “Everytime I hear Soren’s music, I think of stumbling upon a home movie he has made over the past years of his travels in North America, Japan, and Eastern Europe. It somehow reminded me of the feeling you get when you look through your old photos, some makes you laugh hysterically, some makes you cry, or both.”

You can stream “Northern Lights” below and then pick up a copy of the limited edition cassette through Mouca.