Mars Motel, "Living In The Moment"

Sometimes the key to your future comes in examining your past. Such was the case for Brooklyn-based songwriter Sarik Kumar who found the inspiration for his latest venture, Mars Motel, when going through his childhood bedroom on Long Island. Uncovering a series of demos written in his senior year of high school, Kumar re-connected with the influences of his youth now equipped with years of experience to bring them these youthful ideals to a full realization.
Joined by Wesley Wynne (guitars), Justin Lieberthal (bass) and Craig Stauber (drums), Mars Motel has been establishing themselves in the NYC live circuit with a steady stream of promising singles dropped like bread crumbs along the way. Now, the band is sharing their latest offering, “Living In The Moment.” The wistful track is a quintessential origin story as Mars Motel wash you in dreamy textures.
Kumar adds, “It’s a song about youth and independence, and the lyrics touch upon the time when one leaves home and goes out into the world. But upon returning, the place you once remembered and loved so much somehow feels different and unfamiliar.”
Stream Mars Motel’s “Living In The Moment” below and look for more from the band here.