Me Nd Adam, Me Nd Adam

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Eletropop duo Me Nd Adam‘s debut project began by happenstance, when the guys were writing between goofing off at bars and with friends in New Orleans. It took them about a year and then a big move to Brooklyn, but the self-titled EP is now finished, and set to drop on October 25th. We’ve got the exclusive stream of the EP a day in advance of its release. So take a listen, and relish in the fact that you’re hearing it before anyone else.

The first track was their debut single, “Foolish Lover”, which starts with a strong, heavy bass and feels like a slow motion anthem to the summer months. “You Only Want Me When Ur Gone” echoes sentiments we have all felt before, a melancholy song about questioning the status of a relationship. Once again, the bass line hangs low and gives a more club banger feel to the song. “Something About You” gives us a much more positive subject matter to vibe out to, an end of summer-meets-puppy love song. “Miami 1979” feels more 80’s synth than anything else – a theme that we’ve found accompanies the majority of the EP – while Me Nd Adam takes the opportunity to sing about situations that millennials often find themselves in now. They wrap the EP up with “Nightrider”, perhaps a tribute to David Hasselhoff and nod to childhood, but it takes on a different meaning in this case, highlighting a melancholic feeling of questioning a relationship and planning to extract themselves from it.

Largely, the EP is great to play in the background of a party or in a club at 2am, which is where the guys will likely be. Just make sure not to play it in a setting where everyone will want to discuss its existential meaning at length. (It might get pretty interesting.)

Me Nd Adam is out October 25th. It is available for preorder now.