Meaty Ogre/Crushcon7 split 12″

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Chicago label Fieldwerk Recordings is modernizing the Chi-producer scene with its split 12″ series. The first edition featured PNS of the legendary Molemen and Zavala, an up-and-comer that produces for Dark Time Sunshine.

The beatsmiths of Chicago have always flexed phenomenal proficiency with the MPCs, ASRs, and AKAI pads, but Fieldwerk is exploring the potential next step in sound associated with the Windy City. Meaty Ogre first made a name as a producer for Galapagos 4, pushing the envelope of hip hop by crafting beats out of viking chants and junkyard drums for low brow poets. After a stint in Phoenix, Meaty moved back to Chicago to find Crushcon7 eager to make him a part of the series. The result is Sword, an 11-song instrumental excursion through the intricacies of psychedelic,
soul, glitch and classic hip hop overtones.

The Crushcon7 side elevates the 8-bit to atmospheric heights as the fluttering tones and lasers on “Memento Mori” sound like a composition written as memento to a historical intergalactic battle between waring space stations.

Sword is available at Fatbeats.

Meaty Ogre, “Cloudy Head”

Crushcon7, “Memento Mori”