Milo returns to Scallops Hotel with “secure as 2 bobbypins (dookie)”

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Though the joke is outdated milo continues to release bedroom recordings under his alternate moniker Scallops Hotel. Thus far its been a retreat for milo, a space in which he can explore freely without the threat of offending or being accussed of taking without asking. These are merely sketches, or in simpler rap terms: freestyles. You can't get sued for freestyles.

The recently posted “secure as 2 bobbypins (dookie)” lifts production from Forest Swords, which comes in after a minute of silence. Far from a freestyle in the traditional sense, milo explores the nuances of a shared living space, from the toenail clippings on a kitchen table to arguing with outside voices. With each minutae of diary entries it becomes more apparent this is a reflection of something slipping away, rather than the treasuring of something found like on “besos” off his Calvacade mixtape. It's an exercise in the airing of insecurities as milo makes cheap, brash accusations through references to Dan Brown novels and Office Space quotes, but even in his defensiveness he acknowledges the mess he contributed to uncomfortable situation at home. Though he may pass this off as merely a freestyle, “secure as 2 bobbypins (dookie)” is a punch in the gut reminder for anyone who's ever gone through the bickering phase(s) of live-in relationships.

For more Scallops Hotel music, revisit last year's Poplar Grove (or how to rap with a hammer) mixtape.