MINKS, “Everything's Fine”

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Wistful off satisfaction, Sonny Kilfoyle has a new single under his MINKS moniker that can be your summer mantra for relaxation. On “Everything's Fine” he oscillates between cool and fine, synonmous yes, but doubling up on the reassurance is a way for a babe to the escapist life to put conviction in his pysche.

The story behind Kilfoyle's new MINKS record, Tide's End, involves the claustrophobic deluge of New York City driving a songwriter into a mental jam up. He sought the ocean breeze and quiet of the East End of Long Island, much like Steinbeck, Warhol, and de Kooning before him, and in it found a muse. While the story of his experience involves the end of old wealth, as a family is forced to give up its home and art collection, he left the East End at peace with a potrait in hand, knowing everything's fine.

Famed techno and electronic producer Mark Verbos, helped Kilfoyle process the escapism into dreamy vocals, tidal crashing licks, and a meditative back beat.

MINKS' Tide's End is out August 6 on Captured Tracks.