DJ Smallz + Drake, Room for Improvement

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So the last Drake mixtape I posted, which wasn't nearly as good as So Far Gone (of course), didn't have that much new material on it, and that was a little disappointing. Luckily there's a lot of new material on this DJ Smallz tape, Room for Improvement. I think it's kind of crazy how Drake is going so heavy with this Ummah/Tribe vibe, because I didn't really see him doing that at all with So Far Gone. And Drake, even if the style suits you, let's get this stuff out of your system because we want that future music, you get me?

Drake, “Special” (Feat. Voyce)

Drake, “Make Things Right”

Download the mixtape here.

Room For Improvement track list
01 Drake's Intro
02 Pianist Hands Interlude
03 Special feat. Voyce
04 Do What You Do
05 Money (Remix) feat. Nickelus F.
06 AM 2 PM feat. Nickelus F.
07 City Is Mine
08 Drake's Voice Mail Box #1
09 Bad Meaning Good feat. Slakah
10 Thrill Is Gone
11 Make Things Right
12 Video Girl
13 Drake's Voice Mail Box #2
14 Come Winter
15 Extra Special
16 About The Game (Remix) feat. Trey Songz
17 All This Love feat. Voyce
18 Drake's Voice Mail Box #3
19 A Scorpio's Mind feat. Nickelus F.
20 S.T.R.E.S.S.
21 Try Harder
22 Kick Push (Remix) feat. Lupe Fiasco
23 U.P.A. Outro