Mndsgn, “Use Ya Mind”

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You’ve probably heard a million times, but here’s one more: LA’s electronic music scene is teeming with talented, innovative producers. Mndsgn is just one of many creating an arresting soundscape for the west coast—and the rest of the world. He recently released “Use Ya Mind,” the third single from his upcoming Bodywash album.

The track is a luscious work of electro-Funk. A smooth bassline ripples under the thick lead melody and slippery drums. The groovy vox vocals augment the composition, working in tandem with the cheery, beguiling synths to radiate an ethereal cool. “Use Ya Mind” sounds like a smooth cruise down (insert seaside California highway) in the middle of the night—or some other really de-stressing, scenic activity.

Bodywash will be dropping in just seven days on Stones Throw. In the meantime, “Use Ya Mind” and groove with this track, as well as “Cosmic Perspective” and “Ya Own Way” to hear groovy harbingers of his upcoming album’s soundscape.