Mo Kolours, “Little Brown Dog”

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mo kolours

“Little Brown Dog” is the second single taken from producer/percussionist Mo Kolours' debut full-length self-titled album, featuring 18 loosely outlined tracks from all over the rhythmic map. The track opens with a dissonant steel drum hook and falls onto a basic beat. Mo Kolours comes in with mellow vocals, sounding improvisational but decidedly smooth. The album follows up his EP trilogy that gave the world a taste of his penchant for mixing soul, funk, dub, hip-hop, and the sounds of Sega music native to Mauritius, where half of his roots are. The other half—British—certainly has footprints on the album, especially in this blending of electronic and international music styles. His soulful vocals tie it all together.

Mo Kolours is out now on One-Handed Music. Buyers can name their price on Bandcamp. Stream “Little Brown Dog” below.