Money Making Jam Boys

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Money Making Jam Boys

Most world famous rap crews have plenty of side jobs to go around supporting the lead MC, but in the case of the The Roots, Black Thought's precision as a rhyme animal leaves little chances of securing much stage time as the hype man. The most a Roots crew MC not named Black Thought can hope for is that ?uestlove breaks a drum stick.

The Roots crew crony emcees just got a bone thrown their way, beyond the 16-bar space on a posse cut, with the formation of the Money Making Jam Boys. The group consists of Black Thought, Dice Raw, P.O.R.N., STS and Truck North – starting to wonder what Peedi Crack did get limited to a guest verse. Courtesy of 10Deep clothing, MMJB dropped its debut mixtape The Prestige today. Mixed by Mick Boogie and Terry Urban, the mixtape is nothing but original jams with a brief homage to ODB's “Brooklyn Zoo” lyrics by Black Thought on “Philadelphia Zoo”.

Money Making Jam Boys, “Tear It Down”

Money Making Jam Boys, “We Not Playing”

Download The Prestige mixtape here.