MOONZz, “Wonder”

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MOONZz‘s bio starts off with, “Conceptually, there is nothing more awe inspiring to humankind than the eternal cosmos- maybe because we may never fully understand them, or maybe because of their truly infinite potential. A place where time defies understanding and questions go unanswered for centuries. A place where our thirst for knowledge is confined to our technological capabilities. A place where our insatiable curiosity prevails and the fear of not knowing inspires us to keep pushing forward until we can no longer.”

And I totally dig it. This is the main inspiration for singer/songwriter MOONZz, aka Molly Williams, aka Molly MOONZz. Her music has been described as “a sultry mix between classical styling and pop” according to NEST HQ, and she’s influenced by dark cinematic orchestrations of the classical baroque era. MOONZz has just released the first track off of her debut EP, Trust Cycles, and it’s called “Wonder”.

“Wonder” has an instantly mystical vibe surrounding it. This track is the perfect blend of electronic sounds of a synth combined with the instruments. The song builds up momentum and the chorus is full of energy. MOONZz’s voice is strong and she displays an impressive range with this tune. This track is electric and fun and one could even say, it’s wondrous.