Mophono, “Be Human Part One”

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The unsung staple of the SF beat scene and Gaslamp Killer cohort, Mophono is making moves to shed the “unsung” from his press releases with Cut Form Crush.

Mophono is responsible for SF's weekly beat night, Change The Beat, which is comparable to the Low End Theory in LA. Before Change The Beat, he DJ'ed the now infamous Future Primitive Parties. He's been a low key mainstay since we were all wearing hemp and getting stoned to DJ Shadow and DJ Krush records.

He's got the backstory for a proper underdog year of overdue dues paid in full. Cut Form Crush opens with “Be Human Part One,” which grumbles on the lower ends and stutters on the snare. It skronks like a Mingus record, then evens out into a zen flute outro.

Given his collaborations with Gaslamp Killer, involvement with Brainfeeder and a guest appearance from Flying Lotus, it would be wise to keep tabs on Mophono's release date.

Cut Form Crush is out February 15 on CB Records.

Mophono, “Be Human Part One”