Sex Worker = Daniel Martin-McCormick = Ital

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Daniel Martin-McCormick's in Mi Ami but he's also spun off a few new franchises that cater in the hinterlands between greasy Italo disco and punkish vocal scrappiness.

Or so goes Sex Worker. “Tough Love” first features the soft warbly Prince-after-years-of-solitary-confinement Sex Worker, who soon gives way to throat-ripping vengeful Sex Worker but the dress up party caught on tape is mesmerizing.

“Tough Love” is off the Not Not Fun release Waving Goodbye.

Ital is another Martin-McCormick moniker with an upcoming 100% Silk release. Straight dance floor vaseline slicks. Some of that work will appear on a 12-inch for the new Not Not Fun offshoot called 100% Silk. Teaser: