Mount Eerie's latest steals sound of wind, Twin Peaks theme

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Once and former king of the Microphones Phil Elverum has a new Mount Eerie project that as far back as spring 2008 he'd trumpeted as a “colossal sounding new album.” Lo and behold, this is a work that takes the delicate tendrils of harmony and texture Elverum's so good at spinning and throws them at an unforgiving wall of Jesu-like low-end distortions within the opening eruption on “Wind's Dark Poem.” It's Elverum's readings of “almost two years out behind the house, at the edge of the woods, listening into the night.” Self-released on his own P.W. Elverum & Sun label in Anacortes, WA, Wind's Poem will be out August 18.

Also, for those for whom two TV seasons and one Fire Walk with Me will never satiate your thirst for backwards-talking midgets and Kyle MacLachlan sippin' black coffee while solving teen murders, maybe “Between Two Mysteries” will get you through today.

Wind's Poem is out in August on P.W. Elverum & Sun.