Blackbird Blackbird and Emily Reo make it happen

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girl floating in air holding balloons

As Emily Reo, whose vocals simmer above this stew explained, nothing's gone to waste for “Fade to White”, a new track by Blackbird Blackbird that grabs some cutting room floor-damaged oohs and ahs out of the full-length collaboration between the Florida songstress and the avian San Franciscans whose penchant for dream-zonked tunes stand like mirages at the end of the dance floor. You can fist pump at these vibrations all you want, all your getting is crystalline jams and liquid jungle beats.

And those oohs and ahs.

“Fade to White” is the first of two collaborations. Look forward to a second between Blackbird Blackbird and Reo, called “Modern Disbelief.

Blackbird Blackbird, “Fade to White” (Feat. Emily Reo)