Mux Mool and Beans are Knifefight

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Knifefight EP

How the parties involved (Anticon, Beans, Mux Mool) were able to keep this project a secret until now is mind boggling. We've long-thought Mux Mool needs to be collaborating with rap artists, a notion that first entered our minds upon seeing Jonwayne join Mux Mool during our 2012 SXSW Imposition, but we never considered Anti-Pop Consortium's Beans as one of the potential contenders for breaking open the flood gates.

Together as Knifefight, Mux Mool and Beans craft a danger funk that orchestrates a balance between their experimentation of Anti-Pop Consortium and the Ghostly vibes of Planet High School. The Knifefight EP includes guest appearances by Sub Con, Cities Aviv and Kool A.D.

Download the Knifefight EP for free at Anticon's Bandcamp.