Mux Mool's Viking Funeral EP

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The album art for Mux Mool's debut Skulltaste looks like the architecture of Castle Grayskull built to Tron-computer modifications. This alone has me jacked for this record.

What dirty digital sounds inspired such obstructive artwork? Brian Lindgren, known as Mux Mool, has been producing as a lone wolf for years, criss-crossing the country collecting samples, loops and records. Skulltaste is the metallurgy of sleepless nights wired on energy drinks, an addiction to Star Trek: The Next Generation, and hours clocked beat crafting in hopes something of considerable substance can rise from the heap.

The first single “Lady Linda,” which is strictly on the digital release, has the feeling of those heavy-eyed resistance stages of an energy drink crash, as you drift into REM with the video game system on pause. As the track builds, the ethereal space journey dreams inspired by those soothing final moments of waking life begin to unfold.

As a preview to Mux Mool's debut, he is offering his Viking Funeral EP for free. The EP is a five-song collection of remixes, mixtapes tracks and beats from the vault. Download it here to check out his re-imagining of Fatboy Slim.

Skulltaste is out March 23 on Ghostly International.

Mux Mool, “Lady Linda”

Mux Mool, “Goblin Town”