Naomi Punk, “Television Man”

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Naomi Punk

We've said it before and we'll say it again: there must be something in the Washington air. What else could account for so much great music brooding in one place? A recent Newtown Sessions live studio performance by Seattle/Olympia based trio Naomi Punk certainly reinforces this statement.

Anyone who is familiar with Naomi Punk knows they are one of the most kick ass DIY punk bands out there. Battering drums, staggeringly heavy guitars, and the buzz of Travis Coster's vocals are signature to Naomi Punk's corrosive sound. The Newtown Sessions performance features “The Spell” and “Burned Body” off of their 2012 head-busting album The Feeling, and a clobbering new track called “Television Man”. I could continue to kiss the ass of Naomi Punk because they damn well deserve it, but you should just see for yourself.