Natasha Kmeto's “Dirty Mind Melt” remixed by Sweatson Klank

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Natasha Kmeto

Natasha Kmeto's Crisis LP left us considering a new genre of “futuristic r&b”, despite its ability to harken to SWV as much as Great Lakes techno. She'd made something completely anew of many old formats. It was a technique she'd been mastering since her Dirty Mind Melt EP, particularly the title track.

Sweatson Klank, formerly known as Alpha Pup artist Take, is deliberate with his remix of “Dirty Mind Melt”, as though he's got his finger on the FM dial opposed to Ableton buttons. His remix aligns Kmeto closer to her r&b radio predecessors, like discovering that station that survives on our nostalgia for Keith Sweat, New Edition, and Lionel Richie. It's counter-intuitive to the title, as the only dirt Sweatson Klank concerns himself with is the dust on his vinyl.

Natasha Kmeto, “Dirty Mind Melt” (Sweatson Klank Remix)

Natasha Kmeto's Crisis LP is out now on Dropping Gems.