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nerve city red tops

If I've learned anything from The Wire, it's that a re-up of red tops is getting a street name like “bubonic” or “WMDs.” Nerve City's latest 7″ is called Red Tops, so you know we're putting you on to that good shit.

Nerve City is out to make your ears bleed. We may have overlooked this rad 7″ in '09, but we sent out a special invitation to let it join us in a new decade. We read Ongakubaka on the reg and got a free taste. We'll share, but listen with caution, Nerve City straight up nixed the bass and dedicated the mix to grating treble levels. Is the percussion, some dude banging a hammer on the sole of a clog? If so, he's the best goddamned hammer banger we've heard on record. Wonder how many clogs he cracked to make this song?

The Red Tops 7″ is out now on HoZac.

Nerve City, “Red Tops”