What Nerve, What Nerve

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Is Nicki Duval A Genius?

We mean this literally. What Nerve started out as Nicki Duval creating a computer glitch noise project. Over time, this noise developed into an actual style. A genre of its own. It’s undoubtedly unlike anything you’ve ever heard before. It’s a brand new language of music, if you will. And now, with What Nerve’s debut release — consisting of 6 new tracks and one remix — the style has been been pioneered into beats, vocals, and cohesive tracks. It sounds so futuristic we can imagine self-aware machinery communicating this way, like echolocation for bots. Maybe check out “My Block (Moor Mother Remix)” first to ease yourself into the style, and then have a listen.

If robots really are the way of the future, this is totally what they’ll be listening to. Now familiarize yourself before they become self-aware.

What Nerve is available for preorder now.