TOLMAN, “Chaperone”

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The tale of TOLMAN is one that has been in the making for quite some time. The alt pop duo – comprised of Brittany and Andrew Tolman – was introduced in college, fell in love, and the rest is history. And by that, we mean they got married. But that’s not the end of this love birds’ story. After getting hitched, they strayed from their jazz roots slightly when they both became full-fledged members of Imagine Dragons, and performed in other bands like The Moth & The Flame and Mount Saint. Now it’s time to highlight their talents as a duo – of which there are many – so we’ve got the exclusive premiere of their debut single “Chaperone”.

A lightweight, freeing, synthesizer begins the track in an upbeat, beautiful way. Brittany’s vocals hit, bringing a raspy, darker layer to the song itself. The conviction in her voice is palpable, and insanely gorgeous. This song feels like a fun departure from the every day, an escape in itself. And that assessment seems rather on point, as it’s a song about self-love.

’Chaperone’ is about being independent and recognizing your own worth, even when somebody else can’t,” explains Brittany. “One afternoon, we had an intense conference call and I stuck up for myself and it felt really empowering. We were both fired up and needed a way to express our frustration so we immediately went to our Moog synthesizer and wrote the song’s bass line and chorus vocals. It was very cathartic.”

This song – this amazing, immaculate sound – is about to launch their careers into another dimension. World, meet TOLMAN.

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