NIKO IS drops mini-doc; “So Many Nights”

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Brazilian-born, Orlando-based rapper NIKO IS has been on a roll lately. After dropping his well-received Brutus album at the top of 2015, he toured the world. While ripping shows from London to SXSW stages in Austin, Texas, the Javotti Records-signee recorded the proceedings. The resulting footage has been released as Best Hair in the Biz, a “Tropicoolmentary” that gives anecdotal insight to his colorful, uber-exuberant brand of rap.

Along with the mini-doc, NIKO IS dropped “So Many Nights”, a haunting, hypnotic churner produced by Thanks Joey. Springboarding off Jay-Z’s infamous “motherfuckers wanna act loco?” warning for his verses, NIKO mixes clever similes with satisfied musings on his recent successes. He aids his dense lyricism with a dire flow that’s perfectly juxtaposed against Thanks Joey’s seductive flutes.

After he bids “cheers to the fuckin’ years we put in,” he continues rhyming with a hunger that suggests he has many more to go.

“So Many Nights” is the latest in his “rappetizer” series, leading up to his forthcoming #GOODAIR mixtape. Stream “So Many Nights” below.