Ninjasonik, When Anxiety Attacks

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ninjasonik when anxiety attacks

New gnarly mix from Ninjasonik. Roofeeo's stepped in as the main DJ, though the production work still has a lot of DJ Teenwolf face time.

About a tenth of the words in this thing are “ninja” or “sonik” and it could probably do without some of the tracks (first half of “Party Pooper”) but it's got some sick high points (second half of “Party Pooper”, and for the rest see the linked below). For some amusement check the re-do of Ducksauce's “Barbara Streisand”, wherein they want to fuck Molly Ringwald, but don't say they're talking about the 1983 version of her, leaving us to wonder: MILF anthem?

Download When Anxiety Attacks here.

When Anxiety Attacks track list
01 #AKIntro
02 #NinjaPerogative Ft. Bobby Brown (Produced by: Roofeeo & Ninelives The Cat)
03 #SuperPower (Roofeeo Remix)
04 #PartyPooper Ft. SB, NineLives The Cat & Johnny Nelson (Produced by: Roofeeo)
05 #MollyRingwald (Produced by: Ducksauce)
06 #WeDontGiveaFuck Ft. Trouble Andrew, Johnny Nelson & NineLives The Cat (Produced by: Diplo x O. Children x Roofeeo)
07 #AkMurdaSaysYourMomGotAKrushOnMe
08 #OMG Ft. Lil B (Produced by: Roofeeo Ft. Dj Teenwolf)
09 #FuckYouRemix
10 #PleaseHangUp Ft. Johnny Nelson (Produced by: Roofeeo)
11 #PartyTimeExcellent Ft. Hollywood Holt & Johnny Nelson (Produced by: Roofeeo)
12 #AkMurdaSaysFullTimeJob
13 #Pharmacy Ft. Ease da man, Members Only & Johnny Nelson (Produced by: Roofeeo)
14 #AkMurdaSaysImMalcolmX
15 #BornFreeRemix Ft. M.I.A, Johnny Nelson & Starcity (Produced by: M.I.A & Switch)
16 #Global Ft. Spank Rock (Produced by: Dj Hoff)
17 #FuckOutTheWay (Produced by: Roofeeo)
18 #AkMurdaSaysNinjacard
19 #BloodyMary Ft. Starcity (Produced by: Roofeeo & DJ Teenwolf)
20 #InternetBitchRemix ft. Spank Rock & johnny Nelson (by: DJ Teenwolf)

21 #DoDoDo Ft. Randy Beerz (Produced by: Roofeeo and Ninelives The Cat)
22 #WeDontGiveaFuckZap!Pow!Die!Remix (Produced by: Zap! Pow! Die!)
23 #BarsReligionRemix (Produced by: Religion)
24 #AkOutro