No Terrain, No Terrain

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No Terrain – the exquisite project of musician brainchild Aidan Koper – has been hard at work on a five track self-titled debut EP.  Out Friday, we’ve got your exclusive first listen to No Terrain in its entirety.

“I took a few years off music after my last band Germans’ final demise, to focus on my performing career,” admits Koper. “I needed a fresh start, so I took off to Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia for work. For the past 16 years, my job has been to perform stunts involving fire, lawn mowers and bullwhips. In that world I am known as Billions Cobra and I’ve performed on Letterman, Ellen, and at many other high-profile events. When I returned, Leon and I sat down in the studio to put all the pieces together. The result is NO TERRAIN.”

Perhaps inspired by his adrenaline-inducing lifestyle, the album is a synth-laden, upbeat, dance track dream. Koper’s vocals dance along the instrumentals like he’s racing to the finish line along a long and winding course, at times lighter than air (“So Slow”, “Window Stops”), at others a little deeper and slower (“Play It Back”). And while “Hey That’s That” sounds like a happy, graduated version of an Owl City song, the entire album makes us want to run around in the grass during this abnormally warm autumn.

No Terrain is out November 18th. It is available for preorder now.