Noah Wall, “Public Dancer”

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Noah Wall, <i>Hèloïse</i>

Despite dropping the Pocono Yoga Murder Mystery mixtape a few weeks ago, Noah Wall is currently Brooklyn-based and making the kind of über-positive bedroom bliss music that all upstanding citizens of said burrough probably dream about in their most weed-addled unconscious moments. His latest release is Hèloïse, an album that sees three formats: cassette on Crash Symbols, digital from Dracula Horse, and vinyl straight from Mr. Wall himself.

We're happy to premiere “Public Dancer”, a track that unabashedly ascends into a Whitney Houston shout chorus and a thousand layers of Charmin' ultra tissue paper, but not before testing what happens when crickets play reggae and the whole world melts into slap back delay.

The clincher is that Noah Wall wrote the album for his mother, Hèloïse Wall:

Hèloïse is an homage to Noah's mother, Hèloïse Wall, and its emotional significance unfolds in a spectacular array of color and energy. For those of us still graced by the presence of our mothers, a sense of that significance is elusive, but Noah's homage ultimately achieves a certain unity of relatable transcendence.