Nomadic Firs, “Desert Radio”

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nomadic furs

Disclaimer: The faster you can get yourself near a campfire, the more you're going to enjoy this brilliant new Nomadic Firs song. “Desert Radio”, a one-off new track from the Tennessee woodsy hippie, is the tonic to any aggression you're feeling, any ill ease you might experiencing, any struggles you're hampering through. The tune actually is reminiscent of what transmissions coming in from the middle of a desert might sound like—warm, thoughtful, giving, and maybe a little disorienting. If you've been desperately searching for a way to get in touch with your inner peace, you'd do yourself a favor in listening to this track on repeat.

Though the song is a one-off, we can expect a new contribution from Nomadic Firs in the form of a full-length sometime soon. Stream “Desert Radio” below and then click through to download the track for long drives into the sun.