Not The 1s meet Mexicans With Guns

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Not The 1s

Not The 1s is the aggro-hip hop collaboration between cross-country roast masters Eric Steuer (Meanest Man Contest) and Alex Christidis (Mawnstr). The duo debuted on Altered Zones with the Lunice-produced “You Dress Like An Asshole” and followed up with the chic Daedalus produced “Your Dad Hate Me” on RCRDLBL.

Thus far we know the types of fashion Not The 1s ain't trying to see and we know that your dad is not letting you out of his watch when the duo comes knocking, but every group needs a theme song. The self-titled debut is a stuttery Mexican With Guns-produced burner that declares just how raw Not The 1s intend to bring it – like a shark bomb jet.

No gimmicks, “Not The 1s” is the verbal calisthenics that will shush the haters wondering if Not The 1s intend to deliver that “real hip hop shit”.

The groups debut Why You Cryin' is pushing for a June release on Gold Robot Records, but Not The 1s need your help to raise money towards the cost of [01] pressing a limited run (250 copies) of the
album on colored 12″ vinyl and [02] printing t-shirts featuring the
album's cover art. Give here.

Not The 1s, “Not The 1s”