Listen to Oneida’s live Glasslands set with James McNew on bass

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Oneida, lauded rock experimentalists and seventeen-year NYC underground vets, just played a show at Glasslands on July 17, and the good folks over at nyctaper recorded the group’s sprawling four song, fifty-five minute set. As the post notes, classifying an Oneida show as a “set” is a little faulty, as the songs meld into each other through improvisational fluidity–but that doesn’t stop nyctaper from predicting that these four tracks could be reconstructed to fit onto a future studio offering.

Yo La Tengo bassist James McNew helmed the four stringer on this outing, holding down the swirling noise and adding to it at the same time.

Head over to nyctaper’s site to read the full show review and download the live tracks, and stream Oneida’s “set” below.