Open Mike Eagle, “I Rock”

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Open Mike Eagle's Unapologetic Art Rap is dropping in less than a month. We championed his single with Nocando and the video for “I Rock” is merely another fine example as to why this record should be copped at 12 a.m. on May 11.

“I Rock” features Open Mike Eagle laying out the exhausting regiment to be “one of the livest rhymers who's also a nine-to-fiver.” It's admirable that OME's flow manages to be so casual and smooth given the stresses of his graveyard shift rap life. An excellent choice for a debut video, as the vibes are some of OME's more accessible material. Plus you have to love the subtle touches to OME's presence on the song, such as the detailed list of venues he can be found on any given week and being so low budget that he backs himself up on the chorus instead of recording layers of echo.

Open Mike Eagle – I Rock from Mush Records on Vimeo.

Unapologetic Art Rap is out May 11 on Mush Records. Listen to the stream here.