osoosooso, “Mike Isn't Down With Punctuation”

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As the emo revival presses on, a few bands have managed to turn something that could be a frustrating pest into joyful earworms. osoosooso may have a difficult name to stomach, but their music is exactly the kind of music birthed from the emo ashes. It's thoughtful and intelligent and a little more sophisticated than what came before, making it kind of like the emo revival followup. All qualifiers aside, their recently released self-titled EP is bop-along catchy with song changes and guitar lines that feel like the bridge between emo and early 00s indie. It's nothing if not a pleasant tonic to the rest of the current emo landscape.

You can stream the EP's highlight, “Mike Isn't Down With Punctuation” below, and then head to Soft Speak Records to pick up a digital copy.