Owenstone, “Island”

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La-based producer and songwriter Nathan Owen has been flying high on his art. After releasing his debut album in 2013 to many accolades and placements on television (Netflix, MTV), his sound has evolved and his name has changed to the moniker Owenstone. He is getting ready to release his EP this fall, and we have the exclusive premiere of the lead single entitled “Island”.

Beginning with an incredibly breezy, drum-based sound, the song develops into a layered wonder within seconds. Owen’s voice is beautiful–reminiscent of a cross between Adam Levine and Bob Marley, although that could be because of the nature of the song itself–and carries the song far above where the tropical mix of instrumentals could have taken it alone. Interesting electro-pop sounds bring a layer of uniqueness to set the track apart from any other mediterranean-sounding summertime jam.

The sentiment of the track is spot on, as he sings of freeing himself from the loneliness of island life, which can be understood both literally and metaphorically. It is a cry for help and a hand to hold, and we’re all for it.

“I wrote ‘Island’ in two different places, in two different states of mind,” admits Owen.  “It started as a song about loneliness, and finding what’s important in life after life has dramatically changed.  I’d explore the oddly tropical bamboo and sand landscapes in the LA River and find private places to sing and to think and write.  The song stayed in my head, and at least a year later, I was on a canoeing trip, and I’d brought my baritone ukulele, as I often do on my travels.  There was no phone reception, but I decided to look through my notes to see what lyrics I may have forgotten.  I saw the word ‘Island’ while scrolling, and, since I happened to be sitting on an actual island at the time, I decided I’d finish the song.  My loneliness has always been self-imposed, and at the time I happened to be falling in love with a girl back home, for the first time in a long time.  I missed her, and within the narrative of the song, came to realize that this song was about me leaving my own island, and letting her in, despite the obvious risk of drowning.”