Palehound, “Pet Carrot”

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If I may, I have to break the fourth wall to write about Palehound. Anyone who knows me personally (me, the writer—no; me, the person—yes), knows that I go absolutely batty for most music made by women, because well, I am one, but when that music has an added avant-y sound, a sort of hyper-personal, stretched-thin quality, I am beside myself. Lo-fi lady-driven music that doesn't even necessarily have to be lo-fi hits the sweet spot for me, and Palehound's “Pet Carrot” has that perfect blend of Kimya Dawson discomfort, early K Records earnestness, and gall beyond Ellen Kempner's years. The influence from early 90s bedroom recordings is settled deep in its ability to perfectly synthesize acoustic music with electric, making “Pet Carrot” not only a masterful pop song of the lower, quieter end, but a crossover track that can be played at a party. Could you ask for anything more? Or rather, could I ask for anything more?

Palehound's debut EP with Exploding In Sound Records comes out on October 22, and you can get a head start on picking up Bent Nail here.