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parallel pyres

Parallel Pyres, a.k.a. Josh Frank, came to life over two continents and three countries, starting at his parent's place in Beijing (where he has a noise project with his brother called Hot & Cold), growing at his college place in Montreal, and finishing off a first album in Taiwan for good measure.

His music is heavily loop-based and largely recorded live with a casio and an old Yamaha electronic drum pad and processed vocals. He tries to keep it that way. “Any exceptions to this rule on the album are because I had a wisdom tooth taken out when I was recording and couldn't speak!”

The tracks you hear below were recorded in Beijing in the winter on an old cassette player. “It was Chinese New Year then, and there were fireworks exploding all over the city at all times of day and night.”

Then came Taiwan, where he packaged and released the album. “It was never specifically my intention to make this a concept for Parallel Pyres, but I think moving my life from place to place definitely informed the album, and more recent songs that have yet to be released.”

Parallel Pyres, “Chunjie”

Parallel Pyres, “Behind the Screen”