PC Worship multiply fruitfully, cover Black Flag

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Damn, son. We barely wiped the drool off our chops after wearing the grooves in PC Worship's newish Reduxion 7-inch on SHDWPLY when low-and-behold the band's steam rolling through a slew of new releases.

There's the Millennial Kreephaus tape coming out shortly on Night-People, and then there's the “Dune of Heroin” / “Godless Love” cassette out on Moon Glyph. While PC Worshipper Justin Frye describes the Moon Glyph tape as “totally some Holy Modal Rounders outsider free folk shit, no vocals” recorded live, let's take a look at the Night-People B-Side, which blows our mind like Godspeed crackheads veering uncontrollably towards Butthole Surfers live.

PC Worship, Millenial Kreephaus Side B

And for good measure, this unhinged sleeper cover of Black Flag's “Wasted” recorded live at Zebulon, that may appear on a SHDWPLY VHS this summer:

PC Worship, “Wasted” (Black Flag cover)