Pete Astor, “My Right Hand”

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Pete Astor

In a career as long-winded and far-reaching as UK-based auteur Pete Astor’s, the ability to maintain a sense of ingenuity, or novelty, grows more difficult with each new release. However, the lifelong musician’s new album, Spilt Milk, undoubtedly provides some insight on how to reinvent yourself. Having founded and fronted The Loft, followed by The Weather Prophets, and going onto an acclaimed solo career that delved into electronic and experimental trends, Astor exhibits a happy return to the more traditional pop form of his early years, and with fresh coals added to the fire. His first single, “My Right Hand” is a loving ode balancing easy rocking rhythms, and deeply personal lyricism. Bringing bright guitar tones coasting along droplets of cool piano, and a chugging rhythm, it plays like the carefree innocence of skipping stones in a stream with your best friend.

Spilt Milk is out February 10 on Fortuna POP! and Slumberland Records. You can stream “My Right Hand” below.