[PHYSICS], Anodyne Dream (Bittertv remix)

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“Anodyne Dream” is the first track from [PHYSICS] latest Spectramorphic Iridescence EP. It is beautifully warm, tantalizing, and kind of what I imagine they play over the PA in the womb.

This chill-pop track, which premiered earlier this month, is just about as ambient as ambient gets. I’d just started rolling out the yoga mat and dusting the room with potpurri for the remix by Bittertv, a project linked to solo figure Maksim Bykanov. Staying true to the feeling of the original track, the remix incorporates the intricate yet mechanical, high pitched melodies produced by [PHYSICS] the first time round and some down-tempo funk to make for a delicate but addictive combination.

The Spectramorphic Iridescence EP is out now on Digitalis.