Pop Zeus, “Tell Me So”

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pop zeus

There's something incongruous about Pop Zeus, Mikey Hodges' most recent incarnation after moving from New York to Portland. In his sophomore release, the Tell Me So EP, he spends a lot more time letting off tender vocal and guitar melodies than firing lightning bolts of sound. On title track “Tell Me So,” the singer, in a shaky Ariel Pink falsetto, humbly begs for a reprieve from relationship limbo. He knows something is up, but he's willing to stand corrected: “Girl, tell me please, I can't help feeling like I'm some disease… Please correct me if this isn't right.” Everybody knows that nauseous sting, and this self-proclaimed pop god knows just how to spin it into something you'll want to spend the day whistling.

The Tell Me So EP is available in limited edition cassette from Gnar Tapes. Download it here, and stream the track below.