Premiere: AstroLogical – “Bottom Of My Heart”

Canadian pop producer’s Private World EP arrives on June 21

A few weeks back, we featured a remix off of Potatohead People’s Nick & Astro’s Instrumentals, Remixes & B​-​Sides EP. Now, one-half of that production duo, Nate Drobner AKA AstroLogical, is gearing up to drop a solo EP in quick succession, Private World. Impose Magazine is happy to be bringing you the exclusive premiere of its first single, “Bottom Of My Heart.”

The track follows whirring keys and a harmonious guitar line as AstroLogical deftly fills in the blanks with head bopping beats and other spacey atmospherics. The refrain of the song’s title works as a meditative mantra that further underscores the, well, heart-swelling feeling at its core. In short, vibe out with someone you’ve been meaning to express your love to with AstroLogical’s “Bottom Of My Heart” today.

AstroLogical details; “The Private World EP is a collection of five musical pieces intended to uplift and invigorate. I hope something here will become the theme music to your journey through a cosmic realm. Instruments that I used to create these songs are: Korg Minilogue, Korg SV-1, acoustic/electric guitar, electric bass, and voice.”

Listen to AstroLogical’s “Bottom Of My Heart” below and look for Private World out June 21st via Bastard Jazz (pre-order).