Eugene Quell, “Weird Purr”

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eugene quell

Every once in a while, an artist dares to stylistically reference a cherished musical icon and it totally works. Such is the case with UK-based Eugene Quell, whose brand new single, “Weird Purr” (in addition to being one of the best song names I've heard in a long time), is boldly derivative of Nirvana's seminal grunge style; from vocals to instruments; beginning to end. But it's okay, because he really does wear it well. Nonchalant musings of a hardened cynic abound in the lyrics: “There's someone else / everything is swell / I'm going straight to hell." From his self-publicized bohemian upbringing spent largely on the road, we gather he's lived a lot and would like to tell the story.

Quell will release his debut EP Eugene Otto Quell as a free download on New Year's Day via Sonic Anhedonic Recording Co. and Exploding In Sound Records, with a full-length debut to follow later in the year. Stream the single below.