Premiere: Infinite Blaq Remixes Potatohead People’s “Quest For Love”

Last year, Vancouver-based duo Potatohead People dropped their celebrated LP, Nick & Astro’s Guide To The Galaxy. The reach of that head bopping-heavy record inspired a remix contest which found its way all the way out to Russia and a different production duo; Infinite Blaq.

Today, Impose Magazine is happy to be bringing you the exclusive premiere of Infinite Blaq’s remix of “Quest For Love.” On the remix, Infinite Blaq draw things down a bit opting to amp up the electronic elements in finding a new groove.

Infinite Blaq details; “We’ve been following Potatohead People’s music for a while and their latest album was one of the soundtracks for the summer ‘18, so when we found out they held this remix contest, we instantly got hyped up about it.

From the start we wanted to use as few stems as possible, so it would sound fresh to everyone’s ears. The vocals were time-stretched for a faster tempo of the track. The main goal is always to create the right groove that is captivating and keep a listener wondering what’s the next part of the song would sound like. In this case, we have recorded a flute and a muted trumpet to create this live feel over the programmed drums and the bass line.

Overall, it was both fun and challenging, because the deadline kept us not slacking at all. It’s an honor to get picked up from over 100 entries and get our shine on their upcoming release.”

Stream Infinite Blaq’s remix of “Quest For Love” and check out the Nick & Astro’s Instrumentals, Remixes & B​-​Sides EP in full below. Order your copy here.