Premiere: Mayor Daley, “15 Silver Arrows” and “Plastic Light”

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Something happened when Emily Elhaj joined Mayor Daley over a year ago, alongside Kelly Marie Carr and Paul Erschen. They seem more focused and a little more mellow, but in a way that forces your attention and breathes its own air in the room. They let the fuzz and rhythm ooze out slowly, but eventually, undeniably, you're encompassed. These are slow, building, sonic war-cries. I've heard the term “best band in Chicago” multiple times over the last year. While that's certainly debatable, Mayor Daley's live show is definitely something that sticks around in your head for a while afterwards. You grab a stiff drink and light up. Close your eyes. It's hard to capture on video, the songs averaging around the 10 minute mark, but I've tried about ten different times. My most successful attempt is below, with a mostly still camera mimicking the turns of a human's body. The new LP, Sand Bath, will be out July 4 on Rotted Tooth Records. Watch, and take a listen to the just-recorded versions of “15 Silver Arrows”, and a killer 12 minute “Plastic Light” below.