Prism House, “In a Cage”

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Brooklyn's crystal glass shatterers Prism House unleashed the single “In a Cage” off their brand new Reflections EP from Ceremony. The duo of Brian Wenner's electro arrangements and Matt O’Hare's visuals create a caged box of rolling, abstract hills of electric action made out of structures that work in accordance with their aural sequenced foundations. From these developmental tenants, you become enclosed within the four sided walls of industrial grade bars that can barely contain the collected content inhabitants of organ tones, a sea of varied voices and hallucinatory colors that are conjured in the mind upon passage through the ears.

“In a Cage” hurdles samples gathered from the net at you at lightening fast speeds within the complicated relationship between synth and spondaic drum jabs. One can almost see O'Hare projecting images, snippets and foreign film fragments in a visual overlay as Wenner keeps the gasping breath samples and found sound vocals firing across the duo's brave new frontier of electronic built plains. As the intense action of relentless rhythms and beat assaults subside, the samples get slowed and flipped in reverse while the rest of the mix's elemental components leave you with sparse keyboards that still beg your ears to hear more, keeping you on the edge of your seat with neck hairs raised as the wait for full-length follow up begins.

Prism House's Reflections EP is available now from Ceremony Recordings.