Psychobuildings drop their revamped EP

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Psychobuildings, <i>Psychobuildings</i> EP

The new Psychobuildings EP is out now, and for those who've followed the trippy electro-pop outfit, the release includes a few tracks that have been floating in the clouds for a while, like “Paradise“, but according to the band, these versions have all been remixed and remastered, with some parts “changed/re-recorded”.

The band is as much a relic of The Faint and other early oughts post-punk-electro bands as it is a reconfigured, high-octane take on our current infusion of tripped out Big Vics and Blondes. But where those particular contemporaries hedge on atmospherics, Psychobuildings are kind of post-punk funky, with tracks like “No Man's Land” a take on Liquid Liquid passing the Tears for Fears acid test, with vocals jammed square and center in the mix.

Enjoy the lead-off track, “Portrait”:

Psychobuildings, “Portrait”