Pterodactyl, “Bite Into Blood”

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Pterodactyl let us give away any mp3 from their new album Arnold's Park and we spent an hour trying to figure out which one was more awesome. We still have no idea.

The title track “Arnold's Park” couples Aa's synthesizer aesthetics with retro-fitted vocal melodies alla Caribou channelling 70s folk obscurities. The amazing thing about the track is it's ability to construct a full sound without bass and sometimes all but the most minimal of percussive elements dropped from the mix. But we didn't pick that one.

This is “Bite Into Blood”, which might have the most abundant vocal flourishes, and is that an acoustic guitar picking through spring-time arpeggios? And then there's a supple touch of noisy guitar delay disintegrating under the horizon. Call it the antidote to your chillwave winter.

Pterodactyl, “Bite Into Blood”

The album's absorbed some vintage rock sentiments but generally stick it out on melody's crossroads with noise music, though if they're hanging on the corner, they've turned it into a block party, invited a lot of friends and put the Nuggets box set on random with all the Santana songs cut from the ledger, and plugged in a drum pad for good measure. We loved their debut second album Worldwild but we love this one even more for its eclectic range and failure to host one crappy song.

Arnold's Park is their sophomore third album, out now on Deleted Art.