PUBLIC, “4Her”

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Cincinnati’s pop outfit PUBLIC – comprised of John Vaughn, Ben Lapps, and Matt Alvarado – have experienced great success with their single “Perfect”, which garnered enough attention to warrant a Walk The Moon remix. Now they’re shifting more into an upbeat sound space, their new single “4Her” a perfect example of that. We’ve got the exclusive premiere.

The beginning sounds like a Katy Perry jam, but quickly reconciles itself with Vaughn’s endearing vocals and a fun, almost jungle vibe. The percussion is lightweight, the song is upbeat, and we can’t stop bobbing our heads. The lyrics are hopeful, wonderful, and really make you believe in love and the first stages of fear in the chase.

Here’s to hoping someone hears this song and thinks of you.

Matthew Alvarado had quite a bit to say about the track itself.

When it comes to relationships, the majority of us tend to take the same road; the easiest one, the most comfortable option. In today’s day and age, it’s the equivalent of being friends with benefits, where there are no obligations, no strings attached. We live for being the ones needed by others, because the aspect of needing someone makes us vulnerable, and being vulnerable scares us.
That’s where “4Her” is; the uncomfortable area, that area where we can get hurt. It’s a place safeguarded by questions made to second guess ourselves. It’s that terrifying, yet exhilarating obstacle that holds us back from taking that final leap. The hardest part is in understanding that the other side might not hold exactly what we’ve been waiting for, but we’ll never know unless we take that chance.

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