Pugs Atomz, “Good Feeling (Jodeci Cry 4 U)”

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Pugz Atom GoodFeelin

Amidst a mass of hip-hop artists who are looping and dipping ’90s R&B under a million filters hoping to score nostalgia points, Pugs Atomz’ “Good Feelin (Jodeci Cry 4 U” is an outlier. Producer Nico appears to interpolate the Jodeci standard, but the influence would hardly be apparent without the title (and awesome artwork). The track’s strobing synths, crackling snares and trotting 808 drum gives the track its own modern feel.

That’s not to say the track’s overall mood isn’t after the heart of the famously carnal Jodeci members. Atomz employs a sing-songy delivery to rhyme longingly of a hazel-eyed, pierced-belly apple of his eye.

“I don’t know, but I got a good feelin’” Atomz harmonizes on the hook. Nico’s ethereal backing vocals act almost like assurance from another dimension.

On Atomz’ Soundcloud, he notes, “when [you’re] at home at night in bed laying under the covers just you and her, that’s all that matters. You got to do what your heart tells you to do.”

“Good Feelin (Jodeci Cry 4 U)” can be streamed below.