Raekwon cooks with “Molasses”

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shaolin vs. wu-tang

What's in a name? I can't help but wonder if rappers are turning their critically acclaimed records into series pieces out of laziness or if it is a marketing strategy. I have also yet to reach a verdict as to whether I'm more optimistic about Raekwon's Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang because the leaked tracks a far grittier than those leading up to OB4CL:II or if I simply am gracious that he's not calling it OB4CL:3. “Molasses,” Rae's collaboration with Rick Ross and Ghostface, hit the blogs and while it appears to lift a familiar bass line from an earlier Wu track (shit is irking me), producer Xtreme created another Wu-banger.

Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang is out March 8.

Raekwon, “Molasses” (feat. Rick Ross & Ghostface Killah)