Rap Dragons, Featuring Baltimore

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featuring baltimore

Rap Dragons' new mixtape is a celebration of its Wham City brethren. Each song samples a different B-more native with Ponytail, Double Dagger, Future Islands and Beach House making appearances. No Daniel Deacon though, but that would be too fuggin' obvious.

If there's one thing B-more loves – it's themselves. It's borderline annoying, but I will cast the snarky critiques aside since I'm of the opinion that smaller market cities need to embrace the nutrients of the local soil and quit looking to the super metropolises to be the guiding lights to our collective tastes.

Featuring Baltimore was done proper. Rap Dragons sent advance copies to all the bands it sampled to gain approval for the new work. Future Islands frontman Sam Herring was so thrilled with the project that he debuted his alter-rap-ego Hemlock Ernst. Hearing Herring spit a hot 16 on “Gotta Go” should be enough impetus to download the mixtape.

Featuring Baltimore is available for free download here, courtesy of LTD Comp.

The Track List:

Early for Work (samples Late for School by Ponytail)
02 Come Harvest (samples
Growing Season by Secret Mountains)
03 Plot Twist (samples
Shakescene by The Agrarians)
04 Trivial Prey feat. Rebel
Conscious (samples Grave Hunter by Mr. Moccasin)
05 Camp Everywhere (samples
Camp Nowhere by Weekends)
06 Real Summer (samples
False Spring by Arbouretum)
07 Memory (samples Vision
by Dope Body)
08 Manifest (samples
Camouflage by Double Dagger)
09 Bury (samples Dig by Blood Baby)
10 Rap'n'Roll feat. AK
& Hanna Badalova (samples Rock'n'Roll by The Art
11 Slick Rick (samples
Eyepatch by Baby Venom)
12 I Went to Her feat.
Seven (samples You Came to Me by Beach House)
13 Constant Metropolis
(samples Istanbul by Lo Moda)
14 Dragon's Heart (samples A
Dog's Dick by Lower Dens)
15 Big Dreamers (samples
Little Dreamer by Future Islands)
16 Gotta Go feat. Hemlock Ernst (samples
Cannot Move by Existencils)