Relations, “Goodbyes”

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Brooklyn bros Relations present their single and video for “Goodbyes”, bringing sidelong glances and desires to the pier. Having released their self-titled EP in 2012, the trio of Michael Sanders, Terence Murren and Matthew Chokshi are readying their full-length Songbirds for release in Spring of 2014 on 100m Records. Murren and Sanders have given us previous acts from Abigail Warchild, and Officer May, and with the addition of Chokshi create a friendship triad to translate human connections and parallels into the threads of an electric inflected sound. For the visual treatment, Matthew worked with photographer Beto Vargas and producer/stylist Allison Pearce to follow the ties that both bond and break hearts from waterside gazes carried over to the flashing lights of pub karaoke.

Taking us out down to the shore front at Rippers on 86th Street at Rockaway Beach, soft serve and darting looks are exchanged between a couple and a wandering, would-be suitor. The shore side drama is displayed through various lens filters, where the lone wanderer from the coastal cabana is met again by the couple mid-song at a karaoke bar. The pseudo love triangle lock together eyes of acknowledgement, with some of the most telling of subtleties lingering in the way the video's heroine holds her ringed finger with an ambivalent hesitance. Like a collection of Instagrams and Vines documenting shared instances from days and nights, the cavalier waywardness of the heart's fondnesses presents the fragility of a couples' comforts when challenged by external forces and presences. These romantic sports of chance encounters, going and leavings underscore the chorus of, “Say your goodbyes to all those you cared for, say your goodbyes to all that you strive for”. Stay with us after the jump for a quaint and candid conversation with Michael Sanders that take us inside the brotherhood of Relations.

Michael Sanders describes his thoughts on the fraternal kinship of Relations, life's paradoxes, their upcoming album Songbirds, and more.

What is it that drew you all to the band name of connective connotations, Relations?

When Terence and I first started playing, people always thought we were brothers… That started the idea… but thinking on the word relation/relations it brought on more of a universal feel – the distance of things from each other, how they are connected, how we are all connected, kinship… and of course, banging.

Is Relations in anyway a kind of statement or commentary on human relationships of today?

Well, I would say yes to a certain extent. We are three dudes that treat each other like family. Making music or art with someone is such a personal thing… you really have to have a deep connection or else it won't work. You read about the new family unit in the city being made up of your friends. I know I wouldn't have made it through last winter the same without Matt and Terence.

How did the poppy song about departures, “Goodbyes” come into being?

My favorite kind of song is that hurts-so-good, poignant kind…those invoking pretty little moments only you remember that bring you a certain solace. Last year saw separation, suicide and isolation for me…so Goodbyes is a stab at all that. Or as Matt says, 'life sucks for everybody and thats why it's kinda awesome'.

Why is that “Goodbyes” and songs of farewell can have so much more meaning and even heart than maybe say songs of, “Hello”?

Hello is always filled with hope and curiosity for me – you never know who you are meeting. Goodbye implies you know who you are saying laters to…for good or for bad…but a deeper connection for sure.

Tell us about about what you all have been up to since recording your self-titled EP to the upcoming Songbirds that is slated for Spring 2014.

We had a hurricane come through and trash our gear last Fall. Once we had it all back together, we went into the studio with our buddy Josh Ascalon at Rad Studios. We've been filming videos, playing around and generally getting our shit together for a nice measured release of our record Songbirds. Kinda hit our stride writing-wise too – halfway through a new record!

What ways have you found Brooklyn informing and contributing to your sound?

I gotta say, as much as it can get shit talked about it, Brooklyn is a great place to play music. We are lucky enough to have close friends who have amazing taste and play in great bands. The rent blows though, and I can't get that bodega reggae tone beat out of my head… but at least it's cold out now and I don't have to hear Mr Softie every five seconds.

Winter 2013 close out/2014 game plans?

We got three to four more videos coming out, a couple singles and finally the full album. Looking forward to playing out a ton and writing more and more…finish an album and do it all over again. You hit that point in your life that you just can't stop. Keep moving forward. It's not for you, it's for me.

Enjoy the following audio only stream and download of Relations' “Goodbyes” here.

Songbirds will be available April 1 from 100m Records.